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There can be no doubt that acquiring resell rights to hot selling products is the quickest and easiest way for you to start your very own online business… However, if I was to find just one fault with the resell rights business it would be in the amount of money you have to spend if you want to have all of the latest, fresh on the market products.

You really have no choice in this matter. If you want to stay ahead of the pack you have to purchase new products and maintain the latest materials for your customers.

My name is Allan Wilson and I was one of the pioneers of the resale rights industry and way back in 2001 my average spend for resell rights products was $670 a month. That’s a lot of coin. In subsequent years the average would have dropped to around $150 a month but that is still a whopping $1800 a year. 

However all that stopped when I found a PLR/Resell Rights Membership that costs me less than $20 month. I now pay less in year than I was previously spending per month and if you add the savings up over the last 6 years this great membership site has saved me at least $9,360 …

Best Resell Rights PLR Ebook Membership

I have been downloading products ever since and brand new products are added on a daily basis.

Let me wax lyrical about resell rights products for a moment…

Here is an extract from a book I wrote back in 2003 called Resale Rights Profits when…

Thanks to the resale rights industry I was able to leave my job and work full time from home…

(For personal reasons I left the online world for almost a decade in about 2005)

I’m going to briefly share with you my online success story in an endeavor to show you that it is indeed possible for ordinary people (perhaps you) to earn big profits from products with resale rights. It all began for me back in late 1997. Two things happened at this time that led me to where I am today. The first event was the simple purchase of a computer and the second event was finding out my wife was pregnant with twins.

I had a very demanding job where I worked long hours and most weekends so I was faced with the dilemma of knowing that I had no choice other then to spend more time at home to help out with the monumental task of raising twins. (We already had a 3-year-old boy at this stage as well)… However the reality was that without working those long hours our income would not be sufficient and besides my job didn’t really give me a choice – working long hours was expected.

As they say necessity is the mother of invention so I jumped on the computer and searched the Internet for work at home ideas. I really didn’t have a clue what to look for and in my mind I thought of things like stuffing envelopes. It was then I stumbled across a web site promoting something called ‘paid to surf’ programs. The idea seemed good to me and so I got involved. Basically these programs were free to join and in theory you got paid anywhere from .05 cents to .50 cents an hour to allow banner advertising onto your computer.

These programs also had a multi-level payment system built in where you would get paid extra money for every hour someone in your down line watched the ads. I wasted 18 months or so promoting these programs and on paper I should almost be a millionaire now from everyone in my down lines however reality is while I did earn a few hundred dollars from them they basically were a huge failure. However something happened while I was promoting those programs.

Even when you fail you succeed…. Because you learn so much more by just doing something!

No1. I learned how to create web pages. I had no idea how to do this when I first started and now my web site creating abilities are very good (even if I do say so myself).

Update: This talent is almost totally not needed now that wordpress blogging has come along.

Creating webpages now is easy. A great resource for creating websites to earn income with blogging is Affiliate Blogger Pro.

No2. I discovered the importance of email marketing even though I didn’t even know it at the time. You see I just put my email address on my web site asking for those who wanted to know when a new paid to surf program was released to join my list.

When a new program came onto the scene (almost daily at one stage) there would be a mad scramble to see who could get the news out first and get all the new sign ups in their down lines.

This was so simple yet very effective. I built down lines of hundreds of people this way and this is a concept I will elaborate on more later on in this guide for promoting resale rights products.

UPDATE: It just doesn’t come any easier than the following done for you system.

All you have to do is send traffic to video squeeze pages and your leads get enrolled into a follow up system that gives away free reports and promotes Clickbank affiliate products for you on autopilot. No writing, no website, no autoresponder expense – it’s a done for you system…

You Can Take This Easy Option Here…
Best Resell Rights PLR Ebook Membership   Best Resell Rights PLR Ebook Membership

No3. I also learned how to write and create ebooks. In fact my first ebook called ‘All About Paid To Surf’ was pretty good for a beginner. Now after 18 months of this stuff I was terribly disappointed when the income was just not coming from them and one by one the companies started to fold.

It was then that I decided to pursue those things called Affiliate Programs.

I stumbled and struggled. I was only using programs at Commission Junction (I don’t think I even knew the others like Clickbank existed at this stage). I would pick out an affiliate program and then design an entire set of web pages about it. Finally I started earning good money. I actually started earning $1000 a month from selling mobile phone plans and got so excited I started spending quite a few hundred dollars a month on Pay Per Click advertising.

However this also fell through with about 80% of the sales being reversed (therefore I was losing most of my commissions). I’d just get an affiliate program earning money and they’d change the rules or the company would close down. I was actually on the verge of giving up on this Internet marketing stuff altogether. (I didn’t even know that what I was doing was Internet marketing)

I knew I needed my own product to sell and be in control however I couldn’t think of anything and I spent many a long hour trying to come up with something.

Somewhere along the line I read something that stuck in my mind…

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. If you see something working then copy the concept and improve on it.

It was then that I stumbled across products with resale rights. I purchased a package of books for about $25 and through a set of circumstances I made contact with a great guy named Tom Hua who at that time owned a hot selling package called Freetosell. Tom gave me access to this package, which at this time was selling like hot cakes.

However unlike everyone else I didn’t sell the Freetosell package. I used all of the products from that package and the other package I purchased and uploaded them individually to my own server.

This created more challenges for me such as getting my own domain name, working out how to download files and upload them to my server. I didn’t have a clue and it was a real struggle working it all out.

I then created a sales page and my first resale rights site was in business and I called it the ebookresellerkit. I then started advertising at Overture… long before Google Adwords this was the place to advertise back then.

And I started making a lot of sales…

The amazing thing about being in the resale rights business is that just by being involved ideas then started to flow. Where once I would rack my brain and try to think of an idea to write about now I’ve got too many. I have written quite a few ebooks now and I can honestly say that the resale rights business got me going.

I mention these things to you to both show you the evolution of my success and also to point out that my success comes from being different – It is important that you just don’t follow the pack.

If you see something that works copy the concept – IMPROVE on it and add your own unique twist to it.

Also I’m an ordinary guy with no educational qualifications to speak of and no sales background at all – So the old saying rings true – If I can do it anyone can do it…

So what can resell rights or PLR products do for you?

  • You get the quickest and easiest way to start an online business without having to create your own products.
  • You get instant access to proven hot selling digital products that you can resell and keep 100% of the profits.
  • You get proven sales letters, ready to use web sites including all graphics and ebook covers.
  • Never ever have to bang your head on I don’t have a product to sell... what should I sell?

Think about this…

You could start multiple website businesses selling just one product each and if you join the same resell rights membership site that I belong to you get access to an endless supply of products you could continue to offer to your customers for years and years to come!

Remember, the money in business is in selling more products to your customers after they made a purchase from you. (Called back-end selling.)

With an endless supply of products you could even upsell to customers who are making a purchase. You could simply tell people as they’re on your order page placing an order that they can also get another ebook you have available, at a discounted price if they order it now. (That’s an upsell.) You’d be surprised how much more money you’ll make applying this simple strategy!

Or you could sell a package of products that follow a theme and make money 24/7 from your website. With an endless supply of new and fresh product you’d always be able to put attractive offers together. And consequently make more money.

Or you could put together mini packages of just 2-4 ebooks together and make money doing that.

Or you could create monster size ebook packages and sell them and make money.

But you must have a product. A product people want and are willing to hand you cash for. You know ebooks are hot sellers. But maybe you don’t have time to write an ebook. And maybe you don’t want to invest in the all of the work and expense of creating an ebook.

Friend, resell and private label products is the answer you’ve been looking for!

It’s the best turn-key business you can find.

Finally, a way for you to cash in on the ebook, video and software craze. – And you don’t even have to write one sentence!

Incredibly you can ride on the back of someone who has already done all of the market research and testing, and spent all of the money to create an ebook people are clamoring to buy. You’ll have a constant supply line of the hottest and most lucrative products found on the Internet. Which means you can consistently follow up on prospects with more and more offers. You’ll never run out of things to sell again!

Save time! Now you don’t have to waste endless hours searching high and low all over the Internet for something to sell!

100% pure profit goes into your pocket. And… you will find as you get more involved you will even make more money from affiliate programs as you build your list and gain more customers. I honestly don’t think you’ll find anything as simple as this business. You can be up and running today.

If you are looking for products to sell online then you just can’t go past joining the best MRR/PLR Membership